1ml Filter Tip

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SSIBIO, 4337NSFS, (96pcs/rack)

LOW RETENTION; Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and PCR inhibitor  free, Certified non-pyrogenic, Sterilized,

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  • Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Filter acts as a barrier to protect nose cone of pipettor and sample from contamination, but does not impede air flow.
  • Filter material is hydrophobic and does not contain additives that can contaminate; nor will it absorb samples.
  • Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and PCR inhibitor free.
  • Certified non-pyrogenic.
  • Sterilized.

Volume Description Packaging Color
1mL racked, sterile, filtered 10 per unit, 5 units per case Natural
When anything short of the best won’t do — Go with the top tip.
Vertex™ Pipette Tips were meticulously designed using a specially
formulated NoStick® resin to provide researchers with the highest
level of liquid handling performance.
Vertex™ Pipette Tips were created with the belief that when it
comes to liquid handling, less is more:

* Less Fluid Retention
* Less Sample Loss
* Less Time Spent
* Less Plastic Wasted

Vertex™ Pipette Tips are produced at our California home office
under rigorous controls and safeguards. Our ISO9001 certified
Quality Assurance process and state of the art fully automated
tip manufacturing, filtering and inspecting is incomparable in
our industry.

Low Retention
All SSI tips are produced to be naturally low retentive. However our
Vertex™ family of tips featuring our specially formulated NoStick®
resin offers users an even higher degree of fluid confidence and control.
The inner surface of our Vertex™ tip is considerably more hydrophobic
than standard industry tips enabling viscous fluids in particular to be
dispensed more completely. Less fluid retention. Less sample loss.
Vertex™ tips prove that less is more when it comes to liquid handling!
Clean Liquid Release
Vertex™ tips are purposely designed for a much cleaner liquid release.
Less time spent waiting for the final drop to fall from the end of a
tip. Our thinner walls and more finely tapered tip construction will
eliminate the need to touch off. Users will maintain complete fluid
control working with smaller volumes, and yet will not have to
compromise their pipetting accuracy or precision.