IsoFreeze PCR, Pink PCR Color Changing Racks

57,20 $

SSIBIO, 5640-T4S (1 rack)

Leave the Ice Buckets Behind!
IsoFreeze® Racks are BETTER than ice.


IsoFreeze® racks contain an inert, non-toxic, color-changing gel that maintains a
temperature of less than 4°C for almost 4 hours (with lid on rack) at room temperature. Upon reaching 7°C, the rack
alerts the user by undergoing a distinct color change from green to yellow or purple to pink. An ideal combination of
function and utility, these racks can go from freezer to lab bench without having to transfer samples.

Maintain sample temp less than 4°C for up to 4 hours*

• Contrasting colors indicate safe sample temperatures at a glance.

• Patented color-changing material indicates when samples are approaching 7˚C

Capacity: (1) 96 well plate or
(96) 0.1 or 0.2 mL tubes or
(12) 8-strip tubes.

– cold temperature, purple
– warm temperature, pink
141 × 99 × 44 mm